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Veefin CRM

Sales teams that adopt CRM meet their targets 65% of the time as against the average of meeting their targets 22% of the time.

It is well established that a CRM system generates excellent returns on investment as they empower collation, communication, and reporting on the daily efforts undertaken by sales and marketing channels onto a single platform.

However, the biggest challenge in reaping the benefits of a CRM system is the lack of adoption by the sales team. Sales teams view CRM systems as an additional cumbersome non-yielding activity imposed by the management team, which deter them from using it and capturing data in them. Thereby, leading to failure of CRM systems as the data obtained is either limited, incomplete, or unusable for further analytics.

Veefin CRM is conceptualized to address the problem of adoption with an objective of gaining acceptance from sales teams and to encourage inculcation of CRM by habit. Designed on the principles of social media, the module provides sales teams a platform to express and develop their identity in the CRM, be in touch with their friends' circle, share achievements within their networks, and follow and be motivated by colleagues’ achievements, making Veefin the World's first social platform offering CRM.

A mobile-first CRM, Veefin CRM automates every step from Lead Generation to Conversion so that your sales force spends more time selling rather than being buried under administrative work.


Capture leads from multiple sources onto a single platform.

One view of all Contacts along with their communications history.

Maintain a unified calendar individually, sharable across the team.

Real-Time Dashboards on Lead Pipeline, Conversion Rates, and Target Achievement

Derive insights on measures working within teams and strategize accordingly.

Predict Outcomes basis advanced analytics of current and past trends.

Engage better with prospects using creative Mobile and Email templates.

Assess performance of Marketing teams using precise Campaign ROI evaluations.

Identify cross-sell opportunities with AI-backed contact-level analytics.

Pre-built and ad-hoc reports to boost Marketing ROI.

Single repository of products, tutorials, and documents for easy access.

Design and automate the flow of complaints to the right authorities.

Ensure no lead is dropped with 360degree real-time visibility on query status.

Monitor inactivity at an enquiry level and automate escalation .

Veefin CRM modules and its key features
Industry Application
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Education
Veefin CRM application to banking industry

Predefined lead management processes captured from leads to logins to conversion up till disbursement.

Ready accelerators of contextual gamification feature are available out-of-the-box.

Seamless APIs to integrate and communicate with other banking systems.

Protect customer data with high encryption standards that are aligned to financial institution’s IT policies.

Veefin CRM application to real estate industry

Upload, Allocate and Book inventory on a real-time basis.

Manage leads from and payouts to multiple channel partners smoothly.

Advanced Document Management Systems to process contracts, completion certificates.

Go-Live in 48 Hours with ready to use Veefin CRM solutions.

Veefin CRM application to education industry

Design your own process from lead capture to conversion or choose an existing workflow.

Manage leads from multiple channels and qualify to prioritize hot leads.

Create standardized templates for customer communication across mediums.

Customize rule engines to predict value of business expected from the lead funnel.



Enhance adoption within sales teams using world’s first social platform with AI-driven CRM


Implement and Go-Live instantly with ready-to-use industry specific platforms


Never miss a lead with automated lead creation integrated from all lead sources


AI-backed prompts to periodically engage customers along the life-cycle


Monitor the team's activities and motivate non-performing members towards goals.


Observe and monitor real-time ROI on campaigns and improve hit rate.

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