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Product Configuration

  • Effortlessly tailor loan products with adjustable interest rate calculations (fixed/floating), overdue considerations, and associated charges.
  • Simplify the creation of modern loan products using essential parameters.
  • Generate multiple iterations of defined loan products.
  • Customize repayment appropriation strategies.
  • Various amortization methods are supported, including Step-Up, Step-Down, Bullet, Balloon, Declining Balance, and Increasing Balance.
  • Manage Moratorium Periods, Part-payments, tranche disbursals, foreclosures, pre-payments, and one-time settlements.
  • Manage Write-off cases effectively.
  • Streamline Organizational Management
  • Supervise Offices, Holidays, and Employee Information
  • Effective Fund Management
  • Configure working days for optimal performance
  • Handle bulk import and export effortlessly
  • Streamline Branch Management
  • Efficient Limit Management
  • Efficiently Manage Disbursements
  • Effectively Handle NPAs/DPDs
  • Streamline Asset Classification
  • Manage ACH/PDC Effortlessly
  • Efficiently Manage Demand Generation, Realization, and Bounce Incidents
  • Scheduled Alerts and Comprehensive Reporting
  • Access predefined templates for Regulatory and Bureau reporting
  • Generate custom reports encompassing Active Loans, Ageing, Awaiting Loans, Risk Portfolios, Rescheduled Loans, and Written-Off Loans
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Mobility and Collections Applications

  • Role-based access Portals catering to Operations, Sanctioning Authorities, Product and Business Teams
  • Regular reconciliation of payments at defined intervals
  • Support for modern Retail Loans, Home Loans, Overdrafts, Buy Now Pay Later, Payday Loans, Unsecured Business Loans, P2P Lending, Gold Loans and many more

Collateral Management

  • Add new collateral to loan accounts effortlessly
  • Associate existing collateral with loan accounts seamlessly
  • Assign unique identifiers for different Loan Collaterals
  • Substitute existing collateral with new collateral effortlessly
  • Release complete or partial Collaterals
  • Associate complete collateral or multiple collaterals with multiple Loans
  • Perform collateral revaluation at defined intervals
  • Dedicated Portals available for various back-office personnel with predefined actions, manage collateral objects like property, vehicles, metals, shares, etc.
  • Handle collateral agreements like charges, collateral agreements, collateral scopes, collateral pools, etc. efficiently.
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