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Precise decisions with Loan Origination System

Bid farewell to human errors. Veefin offers you an automated credit origination and decisioning system that harnesses extensive integrations, AI-powered credit scoring, and robust data accessibility. This synergy is designed to significantly reduce inaccuracies and streamline the credit process.

Scorecard Builder

Veefin’s Business Rule Engine enables enterprises to effortlessly create and embed customized scorecards within customer journeys across various product groups.

Deviation Automation

Effortlessly streamline the assignment and management of deviations through the platform by configuring predefined rules for automated processes.

Automated Document Generator

Automate documents across the loan life cycle such as sanction letters, disbursement letters, Credit Appraisal Memos etc.

Say goodbye to manual document creation ensuring accuracy, consistency, and efficiency and saving valuable time and resources

Omnichannel Access

Empower your borrowers with a user-friendly and accessible platform across multiple channels, enhancing their convenience and engagement.

Automated and Improved Credit Decision-making

Encode Basic Eligibility Checks in Workflows and automate communications flow between internal users

Reduced Turnaround Time

TAT monitoring - Monitor “turn around time” for various activities and Digital Processes Real-time validations of data, fields and real-time logical decisioning


Veefin offers remarkable flexibility, empowering business teams to initiate customer-specific journeys that effectively cut costs and minimize customer drop-offs. Modifying, adding, or removing specific fields or components within journeys, along with adjusting their positions, is as simple as a few button clicks


Power Field Sales/Collection Executive (DSA/DST) mobile apps/tablets and customer origination mobile apps/tablets

Streamlined Document Management

Borrowers can now easily upload and manage required documents electronically. Eliminating the need for paper documents and significantly reducing the time it takes to process loan applications

Regulatory Compliance Automation

Pre-Built automation, ensuring that FIs adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Reducing the risk of regulatory fines and penalties.


Veefin is a leader in loan processing automation. We develop intelligent loan origination platforms that adhere to enterprise-level security standards.

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Rapid Launch in Weeks your first highly automated multi-facility white-labelled Loan Origination System for any lending type

  • Retail Loans
  • Corporate Loans
  • Gold Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Term Loans
  • SME Loans
  • Secured Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Overdraft
  • and many more...

Veefin’s comprehensive Loan Origination Software ensures that you can efficiently manage a wide spectrum of lending operations, providing your institution with the agility and capabilities needed to meet the dynamic demands of the financial industry.

Integration Gateway

Integration friendly Loan Origination System with a marketplace of vast pre-built connectors across a variety of data sources
  • → ECDD and e-KYC
  • → Credit Bureaus
  • → Digital Signature
  • → Dedupe
  • → Fraud/AML - partner names Payment Gateway
  • → Bank Statement Analyzer
  • → Social Media Platforms
  • → OCRs for Tax, Income, and Identity documents