Transaction Management Suite

SCF LMS for immediate financing

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Configurable SCF LMS with access to all parties with Automated Core Banking System Accounting

Dynamic Risk Assessment and Monitoring: The system employs advanced risk assessment algorithms to evaluate creditworthiness and identify potential risks associated with borrowers and transactions.

Lender (Financial Institution)

Customizable SCF Programs

At Veefin, we put the power in your hands to create tailored Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programs that adapt to the dynamic requirements of your corporate clients. Our platform offers a range of features that enable you to customize fees, charges, and parameters linked to your SCF programs. This level of flexibility empowers you to meet the needs of each corporate partner.


Automated Invoice Approval

Our platform boasts robust automation features, including auto-approval and auto-financing, ensuring that invoices move swiftly through the approval process. With Veefin, you can eliminate time-consuming manual interventions, making the invoice financing process faster and more efficient.


Effortless Lender Financing

Veefin simplifies the financing journey for lenders. Our platform allows lenders to finance invoices with minimal manual touchpoints. This automated approach accelerates the financing process, providing a seamless experience across the value chain.


Dynamic Risk Assessment

With Veefin, you can stay ahead of potential risks. Our platform leverages real-time data and analytics to enable dynamic risk assessment on transactions. This ensures that you can proactively identify and address potential risks associated with your SCF programs, safeguarding your financial interests.


Anchor (Corporates)

Anchors now have a holistic Procurement and Seller View to toggle and gain in-depth visibility of the financial value chain both on the supply and demand side of the business. Principles can leverage the platform to create purchase orders, invoices and assign them to suppliers and distributors in the value chain. Witness a consolidated overview of outstandings, pipeline requests, and overdue amounts, all conveniently displayed on a single screen



Suppliers now get access to a completely digital intuitive interface to securely upload invoices, request financing, and actively track the status of all requests and outstanding invoices.



Dealer access has visibility of all the invoices raised by the Anchor and gets a ‘Request Finance' button to conveniently push a financing request to the financial partner. He gets an in-depth visibility of all financing done to ensure transparency across the value chain.

Transaction Management Suite for All Supply Chain Finance Product Structures

Personalised on-the-go reports

Experience creating reports with Veefin SCF BI Analytics tool that can be used to create user-specific reports with feature-rich interactive capabilities.

Create your own customizable reports for various timelines for all parties Anchor (Corporates), Suppliers (Vendors), Dealers.

Access and control to authorized users to export all reports in pdf, excel and other formats like jpeg and PNG.